Life after 300+ days on the road

It’s been about 6 weeks since my Magellan journey ended. I took a quick decompress week in Dallas with my best friend, Flo and another good friend, Eve. I’ve been back to Minnesota (if you don’t count two ‘side trips’ to Kansas in the last month!) at the beginning of June. 


Our version of signing yearbooks


Since most people tend to ask me the same questions about the year, I’ll do a quick answer to them all here.

What was your favorite country and why?
Portugal. The food, the people, how easy it was to travel within, etc.

What did you miss most?
Black people, navigating with ease, my loves, knowing the language, and black people (yes that’s on there twice, because I really did miss black people).

Would you do it again?


Listen, my RY journey was incredible. I learned so much about myself that I’m still grasping all the lessons. I still love love love to travel but I hate the work and travel combination. It’s just not for me. I am back to being a nurse and I absolutely love it! Even though within the first 3 shifts at work, I got puked on, peed on, and sharted (shit + fart & past tense) on, I wouldn’t trade it for another year-long travel journey.


Teddy bear park in Stillwater, MN 


It’s been amazing for my psyche, well-being, and health to be back home, surrounded by a whole lotta black folks. I still keep in touch with my Magellan family and virtually see at least 3 of them every two weeks via zoom. Twee & I live in Minnesota so we’ve met up for lunch and dinner a few times and we’re always welcoming visitors.


Bucky, our Magellan mascot!


I’m overjoyed to be back with my family & I’m working (slowly) on spending time with my friends. If I haven’t seen you yet, I am still trying to remember that I don’t have to pack and move at the end of the month. I will hang out with you, soon.


Love always,


P.S. Thank you for reading.



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