10-minute session: plastic

I feel the hell in every hello
It’s a burden to carry on these stupid conversations
Where we each have our representatives putting on a front
In this dating world

Each new person I meet
In the hopes of a romantic entanglement
Feels like another plastic bag over my head…
Each time I get a forwarded article about AMBW (Asian men and Black women)

The faux connections as you swipe
Left or right, you imagine the future
As you use your communication device filled with empty thoughts
And Disney dreams

Another option, is, of course to walk away
Chuck the deuces and call it a day
Don’t listen to Jordin Sparks ask how you’re supposed to breath with no air
The same way your lungs have learned to since the 4th week after conception

We have been conditioned to of course figure out that
You follow a path that’s cisgender heterosexual but
It’s cool for the girls to kiss a girl if she’s bisexual; we can make space for homosexuals but…
Make sure you stay within these confines though, because transwomen aren’t ‘really women’

Just as we are slowly killing the oceans with plastic,
We are just as quickly suffocating ourselves
With plastic thoughts and styrofoam dreams
The end isn’t really all that bleak, though. We already have all we need to love, within ourselves.


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