Malaysia…it’s the small things


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was our last Asia stop before hopped into South America. We had (arguably) the best city team we’ve had all year. Nik, Wan, and Rez were superb. They fed us and showed us some of the best parts of KL. I’m eternally grateful to them for they opened their arms and welcomed us as family. 

Magellan painted a mural to leave a mark in the KL work space but this doesn’t compare to the mark Malaysia left on us. Peep where my name is.

Magellan mural in KL
My name in East Africa and my heart in Kenya


This post could’ve gone one of two ways: serious or funny. After all the fuckery happening in the USA, I needed a break. I am not dismissing how serious things are back home, I am putting my sanity ahead. #SelfCareIsResistance I had some fun reminiscing about the funny sentences I’ve said over the last 9 months and compiled them here. I hope you have the sense of humor to enjoy them. I recognize my privilege. #DontComeForMe

  1. I miss the flat sheet. You know, the flat one that goes on your bed. In Vietnam, for example, we only had a mattress cover and a comforter. In Cambodia and Malaysia, had a fitted sheet and a comforter. #BringBackTheFlatSheet
My bed in KL, notice: no flat sheet, just a comforter and fitted sheet

2. I miss anonymity. Again, the staring is exhausting, y’all. I miss walking down the street without being an event.  I was so grateful that nobody touched my hair in Malaysia. #DontTouchMyHair

Side eye game so strong #StaringAtYouAfricanly

3. I miss my wardrobe. If you look at my  Instagram photos, you’ll see the same 20something articles of clothing repeated over and over again. #CapsuleWardrobe

L t R: Belgrade, KL, Valencia, Sofia, Ibiza, Phuket, Rabat, and Sintra

4. I miss my shower. I knew how to turn on the hot water, the water pressure was nice and when I showered, I didn’t get the ENTIRE FREAKING BATHROOM WET. #IHATEWetRooms

Bathroom in Kuala Lumpur

5. I miss fresh air with my dinner. While we were in Serbia, it was rainy and cold. They smoke everywhere including indoors. My clothes had a constant smoke smell regardless of where I went. #ICantBreath

6. I miss my toilet. There’s nothing like dropping a deuce, then wiping, and flushing the toilet. In some countries, their plumbing doesn’t support the flushing of toilet paper so you have to throw it away in your trash bin. #ShitInYourGarbage

7. I miss understanding the language. We’ve gone through Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic/French, Bulgarian, Serbian, Vietnamese, Khmer, and Malay. My word bank is usually filled with hi/hello, where’s the bathroom, thank you, check please, I’m lost, and goodbye. This lasts for the month then I have to empty and refill with the next language. #CanYouAyudaMeSilVousPlait

 Every time someone asks me “where are you, even?” the answer changes every month. This month, I’ll say Peru! While it’s all fun and games in these international streets, I am aware of how privileged I am to be able to travel like I am.

A few months ago, I wasn’t even sure I’d make it this far in my RY journey but the support system I have around me has emboldened me to jump and what do ya know? I’m still flying. #PunIntended

Love always,


P.S. More pictures of my KL adventures.


Dinner in the sky, Malaysia
Batu caves
First time
Did I get married in Malaysia?
New Years Eve smiles
Dinner in the sky with the beautiful Sara
My Valencia roommates, Jo and Jeanna 8 months later!

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