Bucket list country: Morocco

I have wanted to come to Morocco for longer than I can remember. Although I don’t recall exactly what I wanted to do here initially, over the years I made a rough list of cities I wanted to visit. When I was accepted to Remote Year, I was supposed to be on a different itinerary. However, when the Magellan itinerary came out and Morocco was on the list, I switched.

At the garden-side of the Hassan Tower

After the wonderful side trip I had, I was ready to ‘settle down’ in my apartment in Rabat. The first lesson I learned was: traveling during transition (from country to country) with all your luggage is a huge headache! All my luggage is one large rolling checked suitcase, one small rolling carry-on suitcase, and a backpack. It may not seem like much, but when you’re trying to catch your next train and the wheels of BOTH suitcases refuse to work…it’s  NIGHTMARE.

My Luggage

Back to Rabat, August flew by so quickly. This could be because I only had 3 weeks to spend there. I decided not to do any other trips while in Morocco which means I missed out on going to Chef! No FOMO here! I am already planning my trip back to Morocco during a different month…possibly when it’s not 115+ degrees.

Morocco in August-Marrakesh, specifically

My big sister’s birthday was August 22nd, she celebrated it in Miami with my other sister and their significant others. Lesson number two: home-sickness hits you at the most inopportune moments. It’s not like I’ve never been to Miami (I have). Seeing my sisters frolicking in the water and dancing in a club to a re-mixed happy birthday made me happy and sad. I miss taking trips with them, it’s not about where we go, it’s their company that I miss.

Edna – 8/6 Birthday

Lesson number three: this is my new reality. I missed out on birthdays, a very good friend of mine got married, other friends are switching jobs, and others are going through rough patches in their lives right now. Bottom line: I can’t be there, physically, for them. I am still grateful for being on RY but it doesn’t make it any easier feeling so removed from your ‘real life’.

Loice – 8/22 Birthday

I had 3 roommates in Rabat (s/o to A5: Jill, Kav, Ryan), they are all such fantastic souls but even they couldn’t save me from (lesson number four) loneliness. It’s important to note that loneliness doesn’t last forever but it comes and goes when you’re an expat or away from ‘home’.

IMG_9200 (1).JPG
Mural at a popular restaurant in Rabat

As I continue to be on this job-hunting journey, I’m starting to have questions: is this really my path? Does ‘remote’ nursing fulfill the need to take care of people? Am I just questioning all of this because job hunting sucks?! If you are reading this and have any leads for work remotely aka work from home, please let me know (Shameless plug).

I’m writing this from my apartment in Sofia, I’ll update you on my (one week already!) Bulgaria living in the next post. Soon.

Love always,



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  1. Esther says:

    La vie est belle; thanks for sharing the lessons. Will look out for remote jobs.


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