Where does the time go? Seriously!

By now, you know that I’m part of Remote Year Magellan. I can’t believe that I’m in Lisbon, Portugal already! Yikes! After Ibiza, the rest of June flew by way too quickly. We said goodbye to Valencia on Saturday, July 2nd. I thought it was fitting that it was exactly a year since I got out of the army. We traveled by bus from Valencia to Lisbon. In true Mogz fashion, I slept for about 3/4th of the trip. The last quarter of the journey ended up being a great ride filled with wine, beer, games, and laughs.

Although I enjoyed Spain, I was ready for the next adventure. I have to say that I am so excited for our itinerary especially since I haven’t been to any of these countries before. Lisboa has been a great home for the past week. We have been staying in one of two buildings. My room looks very much like this one.


Lisboa has been incredibly lively. We had an amazing welcome party on a kick-ass rooftop bar called Topo with fantastic views.


Our co-working space is just as quirky as the collective group that I’m on this journey with. I’ve been inspired in Lisbon in this one week than I was in the whole month I was in Valencia. One thing that I’ve been constantly reminded of while in Portugal is that ‘real life back home’ does not stop just because we are on in this insane ride.

Collectively we have had some hard losses. We have had to deal with deaths of people close to us while on the road. I count myself lucky as I’ve had a great group of people supporting me in my highs and lows. I had a rough week following the deaths of #AltonSterling and #PhilandoCastile. These events sparked a very honest and open conversation within our Magellan family and I am very grateful for that. One of the coolest dudes on this trip wrote an article that I highly connected with. If you’d like to take a look, you can check it out here. I encourage you to have these conversations especially with people who have different opinions and educate each other. I’m taking a breather from Facebook as part of my #SelfCare routine.

An exciting end to the weekend was of course the Eurocup finals last night. Portugal vs France. A group of us Magellans watched the game from the fan zone. Spoiler alert: Portugal Won!!! It was such an electric energy in the town. The celebrations went on for hours last night and there are still flag-draped cars around town still honking and celebrating. This is one of those #Level3Fun moments that I’ll always remember.

Fan zone
Fan zone
Representing Portugal
Final Score

It’s hard to imagine how Lisbon will top off this first week but even if it doesn’t, I will never forget where I was when Portugal won the EuroCup finals 2016.


Love, II.


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  1. moraa says:

    i love reading all this…..you are having way too much fun


    1. Thanks for reading ❤


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