I took a pill in Ibiza

One of the lovely things about being in the EU is that flights to other countries/colonies are fairly affordable. I have wanted to go to Ibiza since I heard about it from Brian on an episode of Queer as Folk. I loved phrasing it in a way that may have made it seem as though Brian was a dear friend of mine. I’ve been in Valencia for a little less than a month now. I saw tickets to Ibiza for around $41 RT with Ryanair before leaving the States. Procrastination kicked in and I didn’t purchase until about a week before departure.

Just landed in Ibiza

There was a group of 6 guys who were already going and I decided to jump on the wagon. They were going Friday-Tuesday but I booked Saturday-Tuesday. By the time I landed in Ibiza on Saturday the 18th around 5pm, the guys had already gone on a boat cruise that included 4 hours of open bar. We grabbed some food and headed out on our Ibiza crusades.

Without giving a play by play of the entire weekend, we hit up clubs (Sankeys, Swag, Space, Borabora), ate at various establishments (none were good enough to remember), and got robbed. Most of us who brought laptops and other electronics were cleaned out. It was a shitty experience and it continued being shitty as the property owners weren’t helpful at all. We have our suspicions that they had something to do with it. Filed a police report and got our copies. Luckily, all of us were unharmed physically, had our passports, and it was the last night before our departure.

The crew sans PDP. This was probably the exact moment we got robbed. 

On the last day of our trip, three of us (Rick, G, and I) had late flights. We went to the other side of Ibiza to get the copy of the police report, explore another side of the island, and kill time. It is quiet, breathtaking views, and has some of the best food I’ve had in Spain. This was also the side where I was propositioned for sex and after declining, the creep parked across from where I was sitting and started touching himself…so there’s that.

By the time we were flying out on Tuesday, we were excited to be going back ‘home’. I, for one, was so excited to be flying over Valencia and recognizing the city of arts and sciences, the beaches, and the brightly lit Ferris wheel. I can already tell it’s going to be difficult to leave Valencia.


<3, II



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