Always make time for things that make you happy to be alive

Hi there!

I can’t believe it’s been 8 days since the last post. I’m obviously failing at the 1 post a week that I thought I would be able to do. Let’s recap. I’m one of 60something digital nomads (remotes) traveling the world with a program called Remote Year (RY). Our group is named Magellan as in the Portuguese explorer. We are currently in Valencia, Spain.

Back to present time. Since I last wrote, there have been a lot of ‘firsts’. The first time I encountered the police (I’m fine – not arrested), the first time I rode in an ambulance (again, I’m fine), the first remote to leave the program , the first remote to lose their job, and finally the first week out of 52 that we are in this program!

On Saturday 6/4, we had our intensive orientation with RY. One of the things we had to do was put together a slide for a mini pecha kucha (google this if you don’t know the type of presentation). It was supposed to be pictures of things that are important to you. Most of us threw together a few pictures then had 30 seconds to speak on it. This was my slide.


Obviously, there are other things/people that are important to me. Most of us took advantage of the Valencian tradition of siesta after the orientation. We had to get ready for an epic night.

RY threw a welcome party for Magellan at this amazing venue called L’Umbracle which is in ciudad de las artes y ciencias (City of Arts and Sciences). During the day, it looks like a scene out of a sci-fi movie with its oddly shaped roofs and whisper cones.


Clear skies
What a cool building?!
Take number 23934397 of the jumping selfie. Thanks self-timer

At night, the club that is L’Umbracle (pronounced oom-brack-lee) turns into what I imagine Prince’s club would look like. There are about 6? rooms playing different kinds of music. There are multiple bars on the multi-level structure to match the sheer volume of attendees. This is the place to be on Saturday night in Valencia.

Club L’Umbracle

One of the many bars at L’Umbracle
We were celebrating two birthdays on this night. Both birthday girl and boy were showered with well wishes and drinks. We partied until 5-6am but the club stays open until about 7:30am. I recall walking out about 4:45am and passing a long queue of people waiting to get in!

You might be wondering, #DoYouEvenWork and the answer is yes! Remember, this was the weekend. We work hard during the week and enjoy the weekend to the fullest. We hit playa la malvarossa on Sunday for some sun, frisbee, and splash. Everybody has been incredibly supportive of each other. I fully understand that we are in the honeymoon phase and that soon we will get to the hard part of being digital nomads. In the meantime, we are enjoying each other’s company and aiming for #Level3Fun which is the stories you’ll be telling when you’re 90! I already have one that will live on.

I’m working hard at trying to bring you the best of places I’m visiting this year so bear with me as I figure out this platform and try to remember taking pictures when I’m just attempting to absorb it in my brain.

Thank you for reading.

Love always, II


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  1. Nyangara says:

    I am loving the updates!


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