The welcome wagon

One of the places that we’ll be co-working in is Wayco. We had a quick orientation there on Monday afternoon. We were formally introduced to our operational manager – Elke, city manager – Tara, community manager – Mere/Meredith, staff at Wayco and RY support staff. We got another city preview courtesy of Tara while we snacked on chips and sandwiches.

After the presentation we congregated downstairs in a circle-like formation. There, Meredith told the group about a RY tradition where we each go around and say one word to describe the year or how we feel about it. I said raha which loosely translates to fun/pleasure. Most of the remotes said #experience #connections #exciting and many other descriptions of what this year means to them. We then had our first taste of agua de Valencia as a cheers to the year.
A fun fact for you, if you don’t already know, is that I have been an unofficial get-people-drunk person aka bartender for years now. I got the opportunity to bar-tend and get paid for it a week ago for the first time. So back to agua de Valencia, it is what I would call an upgraded mimosa. It has champagne, orange juice [herein lies the recipe for a mimosa], gin, and vodka.

I mingled with some of the remotes for a bit then broke off to go gallivanting on my own. I found a spot where I could have a beer and a sandwich for 2 euros that’s relatively close to Wayco. I also ran into the Cathedral, which is the featured picture above. Had my first taste of gelato. I had a mix of cafe and toffee. Wandered some more around the plaza and ran into a group of remotes having drinks. I ordered another agua de Valencia because when in Spain…

Dinner here is eaten relatively late. It was 9pm when 4 of us broke away from the larger group and went to find paella de Valencia. Are you seeing a theme yet? For 14 euros, we got a drink (read: vino), an appetizer (choices were: mussels, vichychoisse, or salad), shared paella, and had dessert that was a hybrid between flan and Crème brûlée. This is also a common theme especially during lunch in Valencia. You pay a fee and you get a meal which includes an appetizer, entrée, and dessert. Needless to say, there is talk of going to the gym tomorrow.

It doesn’t begin to get dark until about 9 pm each day. My roommates and I walked to our flat through the quiet, cobblestone Valencian streets. It was about 20 minutes and we arrived at midnight. I have not adjusted very well to sleeping when the locals sleep and ended up sleeping around 4 am then getting up at 1 pm.

Will try and updated weekly at least..maybe more.



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  1. Nyangara says:

    Have you had a paella yet? I’d be curious to know if you like it


    1. I’ve had Valencian paella! It was reminiscent of rice and stew. It was okay. I will try seafood paella before I leave


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