Arrival in Valencia!

Woohoo! Made it to Valencia, Spain on May 29th. The whole journey was exhausting. We had a four-hour layover in Casablanca, Morocco. I don’t know if you, my faithful reader, have ever been to Spain. I also can’t speak for the other cities in Spain but the Valencia that I’m experiencing.

There were 55 of us that arrived on the first day. We have been speaking on different social media forums for about a month now and it was nice to put the faces with the names. At the airport, some of us went straight to the bar  where RY bought our first drink. Others were taken by taxi to their various apartments.

This truly felt like the first day in a new school. I’m an introvert by nature so I mostly lurked and said quiet hellos to the group. The main reason was because I was running on less than 4 hours of sleep over a 30 hour period. I took a cab with the city manager and a young man who reigns from a small town in Illinois.

At the bar I met my two roommates, Johanna & Jeanna. They seem like sweet young ladies. After finishing our drinks, the operational manager from RY walked us to our flat (apartment). It is magnificent. The lift (elevator) only fits one person with luggage. We are on the second floor. As you walk in the 2.5 bedroom apartment with tile floors and a view of the Valencian streets, you are greeted with elegant art and immaculately furnished living room.

My bedroom is facing the south and has access to the balcony. I have a bed that is low to the ground and two bedside tables. Johanna’s room and mine are separated by a sliding door. This place is incredible. I could only imagine how much it costs to rent it out monthly. The consensus betwen the remotes is that we have the best flat this month. I’m excited and petrified to see what Portugal holds in store for me.

After a quick shower and primping, I headed back to the bar where most of the Remotes were to look for food. A number of us ended up at a Japanese buffet-type restaurant. It was 16 euros for all you can eat on the menu. We ordered a smorgasbord of shrimp skewers, sushi, fried rice, lemon chicken, and seaweed salad among others. It’s Spain after all so we got a couple of bottles of vino for the crew.

It was a full table where we ate family style. Our noses were assaulted by garlic, lemon, fish, chicken, and unknown spices. Our waiter spoke Chinese and with a group as diverse as ours, we had someone who also spoke chinese. She ordered our food for us. We enjoyed the food, the weather, and each other’s company. The first few months will be redundant introductions everywhere we go with everyone we meet. I can’t wait!

I’ve received this question a lot: how can I communicate with you? I kept my US number for Whatsapp. I’m still on facebook. I also have snapchat and Instagram.

Thanks for reading, II


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Ms. Maculate says:

    Of course someone there spoke Chinese! Haha you’re going to know all naughty words in so many different languages once u return! Glad to hear you’re enjoying Spain so far ! Send me a bottle of a wine you think I’d like.


  2. Esther says:

    You should try and post food pics.


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