We are Magellan

Officially, I’m getting on a plane at 0700 this Saturday, May 28th, 2016 from Minneapolis to New York then another one at 2030 to Valencia, Spain with a short stop in
Casablanca, Morocco.  Every Remote Year (RY as i’ll refer to it from now on) group/cohort has a name. The group I’m going with is RY4 and we are Magellan.

Although we haven’t met yet, we found each other on different social media platforms. So far, we have become a very cohesive group full of lively personalities. As far as I can tell, most of the people in the group have jobs. Have no fear, I am applying to anything that I am remotely qualified for.

We have shared tips on packing, vaccinations, job leads, last meals, and so much more. Although I will be away from my family, I have a feeling these people that I’ll be traveling with for a year will become a very close second family. Most of us are also flying out of JFK on the 28th so we plan on getting acquainted before Spain.

If you are wondering where on earth I’ll be, here’s the itinerary. I welcome visitors. Just let me know in advance so that I can plan accordingly.


Some pictures will be on my Instagram and I’ll try as hard as I can to keep up with the blog. I am excited to explore the cities, the culture, the food, and the people. I may take a request or two of things you’d like me to go see. Live vicariously through me. As always, I am grateful for the opportunity to follow this dream and grateful for you, for keeping me in mind.

Love always, Mogz.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Ms. Maculate says:

    Take me with you!!! Which countries are you most excited for?


    1. Morocco!! I’ve had it on my radar for years!


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