Preparation for a year abroad

The most exciting part of this whole experience for me was the email that let me know that I was accepted into RY. After that, I needed to tackle a pre-arrival checklist. In no particular order I needed to: get my visas (only need Cambodia and Vietnam), acquire travel insurance, taking medical precautions (see: vaccinations & prescriptions), and booking my flight. Obviously packing is another beast that I haven’t even started to think about because I am procrastinating and I feel like I have time.

I got travel insurance almost right away. I had been shopping for an annual policy for a while now and I took care of that right away. I made sure that my policy covered ‘adventurous sports’ because I know I’m not one to turn down a skydiving or paragliding opportunity.

Next, I got my flight. If you don’t already know, I use Raha Adventures for almost all my flights. She helped me book my flight to Valencia for $619. I did a happy dance for that one. Prices for this route are usually ~$800+. Booking my flight gave me a renewed sense of excitement. It’s how I imagine people feel when they buy their J’s or whatever makes their hearts happy.

A few days ago, I went to a travel clinic to get medically ready. Between being an immigrant and a veteran, I didn’t need any vaccinations because I’ve had more than enough (I’m looking at you Army with your anthrax and smallpox shots). I got a prescription traveler’s diarrhea medicine…I know, sexy.

I had a nightmare with trying to get my Cambodia visa using a certain company but I have resolved to getting visa on arrival (VOA). For Vietnam, I applied for the approval letter online and will get a VOA. The rest of the countries we are visiting do not require a visa for a stay <90 days for a U.S. citizen in most cases.

The miscellaneous things that I had/have to do are: suspending my phone line/unlocking my phone, finalizing my will (no, I’m not too young to be thinking about this), thinking about my last meal, putting in a notice at work (my boss is allowing me to go on a sabbatical of sorts), and figuring out the remote job among other things.

My next problem to tackle will be about my packing list and what I plan on taking. I mean, how do you pack for AN ENTIRE YEAR?!

2016-05-20 (2)


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  1. Evelyn Vedasto says:

    oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! talk about excitement.


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