Turks and Caicos with Minnesota Tribe

To understand the Minnesota Tribe, I first have to introduce you to Nomad•ness Travel Tribe. It was created by a young lady named Evita Robinson and it is contained in a Facebook group. As mentioned in the previous post, I have been traveling for a few years now. I was added to Nomad•ness by my sister, Loice. This is a travel community that shares tips, stories, and of course, travel. The criteria to be added is at least 1 international stamp, and a newbie bootcamp.

People in Tribe live all over the world, and collectively, we have traveled to every recognized country except for Nauru. That being said, there are Tribe members in Minneapolis. We have had meetups [exactly what it sounds like, we meet up] for brunch twice. We have a Whatsapp group where we share travel deals that we see that are specific to MSP and at times ORD [you really have to start speaking airport codes if you want to be in tribe].

Back in February, I saw a deal from MSP to PLS for ~$321 round trip. If you don’t travel often, this roundtrip ticket to Providenciales, Turks and Caicos is a REALLY good deal. Like many other deals, I posted in our whatsapp group and my friend Edna jumped on it. She had wanted to go for her birthday in August. In less than 6 hours, 8 people had already booked their flight and lodging was already underway. This, my friends, is how Tribe works. We #BookDatIsht (Kenna’s saying) then plan later. Gone are the days when you suggest a trip to your friends and all of them want to be in but excuses fly in as to why they can’t go.


I’ve gone on many group trips and have been incredibly lucky that everyone got along fairly well. This was a first, though. We had two members who are from the Chicago and Raleigh tribe, who have never met any of us, join us. Turks and Caicos is an incredibly expensive island, and they drive on the left side of the road. Our Airbnb house was phenomenal, and the sights to see, breathtaking. Most of the trip was loosely planned with plenty of room to do your own thing away from the group if you wished.


We had a photo shoot at Taylor Bay, got to see Prince’s house next to a huge pink mansion, we went on half-day boat dream tour and had freshly caught conch for lunch, played Black Card Revoked and of course, partied at Sandbar/Danny Buoy’s. I can confidently say that before we went on this trip, we were acquaintances at best. After we spent 5/6 days together, we are definitely good friends and ‘cousins’ all around.

I have found my tribe, and I am prospering. In the next post, I will connect Nomad•ness and Remote Year. More pictures from the trip can be found here. Jeanette was one of our amazing photographers.



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  1. Bonisusa Omogotu says:

    Baba when can Tata travel even within kenya leave alone some parts of the world ?


    1. Whenever you want, dad.


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